Xcloud vs Stadia comparison has surprising results

GAME STORY: Video counters claims made regarding  Xcloud vs Stadia performance.

This story comes to us from our friends at the Stadia Dosage webpage. They conducted a play test with very surprising results. The video, which can be seen here, compares Microsoft’s Xcloud and Google Stadia cloud gaming platforms.

Project Xcloud is currently the pundit favorite. The media has simultaneously been very negative towards Google Stadia. The reasons for this are varying.  In light of this, the reason the compare video was made is stated below;

“…This is the internet Mos. Facts aren’t key more than “belonging”. All it took was another popular entity to repackage the message and send. The response will be like it was never addressed. “Ah man this thing must be doing bad”, you’ll hear over and over. It will get debunked. They will go radio silent. New entity will look for clicks or a “Thadda boy!” and rinse and repeat.

The ‘repeat’ now is a bombastic article from Windows Central. It proclaims that due to Destiny 2 being added to project Xcloud, Stadia was now rendered … useless? “LOL” I thought internally, but then I saw the reaction. Not only unsuspecting gamers were ingesting these claims, but big names and creators were regurgitating this garbage. Oh boy.”

Many have repeatedly suggested that Stadia players began abandoning the platform. These claims are based on decreasing Destiny 2 concurrent players since launch.  A deep dive into the community may suggest otherwise. This is illustrated in another Stadia Dosage video .

Nonetheless, many seem surprised after watching the video. It has been said to show a stark contrast between Xcloud vs Stadia.  It also serves as an eye opener regarding claims to the contrary. Surprisingly, most of these claims have originated from well known and trusted entities.

Source: PNTSNetwork