Xbox Series X Able To Play PC Games? – BuckDat Editorial

Rumor has it the Xbox Series X can play PC games!

A NEW rumor has appeared yesterday (from Xbox community insiders) claiming the Xbox Series X will have a “Windows Mode” that gives players an option that works in a Windows 10 environment.
This SHOULD make it possible to support Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Italian gaming site Game Experience reported these far out rumors (like the ones back in January) that the Xbox Series X will feature a boot mode dubbed Windows Mode.

The name suggests players will be able to boot up the console to run Windows 10 applications. The mode would essentially turn the console into a PC. (yeah, right)
Therefore the rumors suggests that the console would be able to run games via Steam and Epic Games Store digital storefronts.
So… you could POSSIBLY play PC games on your Series X. Still a far out RUMOR and even if that Windows Mode were in the console, it is still questionable as to whether the system will allow playing PC games.
Do you BUY THAT?

PC Gamers and Console Gamers are VERY DIFFERENT. In my opinion, most of the “PC Master Race are just what I call “Console War Refugees”. The real longtime PC Gamers either don’t CARE about spending that extra bread for the latest and greatest in graphics whoring… or they don’t give 2 shits about graphics. (and everything in between) They will NOT CARE about the POWER of the Series X for the most part… regardless of the low price. Or they’ll just have BOTH!
The switch to a Series X is NOT unthinkable however, to these Console War Refugees who claim the PCMR. (or those that just front like they are on PC) THOSE people will just get an Xbox Series X and still claim PCMR on Twitter and the like.
Buck all that tho. Sounds like it could be a bunch of HORSESHIT to me… but we shall see. I’ve been saying for some time now, that mouse/keyboard support and the ability to run things like Windows and Steam (at 500) would be what piques my interest in the machine. NOT no 12 Flip Flops or whatever. That’s just a bonus.

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