Xbox Series X DL sizes smaller with AI tech

‘Microsoft Game Stack’ boss says this could change how it ships games

James Gwertzman, the general manager of the new Microsoft division, spoke with  journalists about what his team is working on – you can check out the full session at VentureBeat.

“One of the studios inside Microsoft has been experimenting with using [machine learning] models for asset generation. It’s working scarily well. To the point where we’re looking at shipping really low-res textures and having ML models uprez the textures in real time. You can’t tell the difference between the hand-authored high-res texture and the machine-scaled-up low-res texture, to the point that you may as well ship the low-res texture and let the machine do it. “
“The download is way smaller, but there’s no appreciable difference in game quality. Think of it more like a magical compression technology. That’s really magical. It takes a huge R&D budget. I look at things like that and say – either this is the next hard thing to compete on, hiring data scientists for a game studio, or it’s a product opportunity. We could be providing technologies like this to everyone to level the playing field again.”

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