Xbox Entertainment Studios projects the studio was working on before layoffs

The Xbox maker announced its plans to cut its entertainment studio, which was tasked with developing scripted and unscripted programming for Microsoft platforms, back in 2014. The cuts were part of a larger set of layoffs that would affect some 18,000 Microsoft employees. See – Xbox Entertainment Studios is officially no more.

A poster claiming to be a former employee of Xbox Entertainment Studios posted this on /v/ – Xbox Entertainment Studios unannounced projects

Former employee of Xbox Entertainment Studios here!!!! I have an exclusive scoop on some other projects the studio was working on before its 2014 closing. I hope you enjoy.
*A Walk in Your Shoes – A reboot of the classic Noggin show with both kids and adults switching places with each other for a day.
*Conker’s Big Break – An adult cartoon series based on the Conker games. Said to take place after Live and Reloaded.
*The N on Xbox – An app featuring on demand content of shows broadcast on the namesake channel and a live stream from 6pm-3am EST/3pm-12am PST (like the original channel). Content on the live block said to be only shows produced by The N, while Season 2 of Every Street United and Nas’ Street Dreams were planned to be part of The N on Xbox.
*Big Kids – A reboot of the BBC/Noggin show with the same characters as the original but with a new cast.
*Rookies – An original drama centered around an e-sports team consisting of first-timers competing in the Halo World Championship.
*Chris! – A sitcom starring Chris Cashman as a father of quintuplet preteen girls.
*Little Miracles – A documentary following the patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital. Said to be a continuation of the namesake Canadian documentary series.
*Sponk! – Another Noggin reboot. Same rules as the original game show but with teens and adults instead of kids. Original host Jonathan McCain was planned to return.
*Revivals of classic CTW shows such as 3-2-1 Contact (switching to a live action/animation hybrid; same premise as the original), Cro (switching to CGI animation using Unreal Engine 4 while keeping the same characters as the 1993 original), Square One (extended to 1 hour and would feature some more “adult” humor but with the edutainment focus intact) and The Electric Company (said to return to the original 1970s style but with the cast of the 2009 reboot returning).