Stadia to have 450 games for 2020 and beyond

Story: Major publication reports a heavy push to release games for Google’s cloud based gaming platform.

As reported by Google is claimed to be making a big push to release games for Stadia.Β  They report Stadia to have 450 games forthcoming. These games are reported to be in the works for release in 2020 and beyond.

When we say in the works, it is believed these are games the publication is stating are being brought to the platform. Nonetheless, this eye opening figure is quite large for the young platform. It is also a sharp contrast to the volume of titles available six months out from release.

The information reported from Nasdaq is as follows:

Google is developing 450 games currently, which will be released on Stadia this year and beyond. We believe that the company is well poised to rapidly penetrate the growing video streaming market on the back of Stadia-expansion initiatives.

This figure was given directly by Google at launch, but flew under the community’s radar. As reported by Reuters on November 19 2019 Google claimed that it had over 450 games in development.

The reiteration of this however is an important one for the community. This volume adds more weight to the reported 120+ games coming in 2020. A number as high as 450 signals a stronger partnership with publishers and developers than originally believed. It would also put into question the belief by many, that Stadia is not poised for a long-term commitment. Nasdaq is optimistic of the gaming sector’s long term success. They believe that it’s current focus will “bolster the adaption rate” and be instrumental inΒ  “enhancing company’s top line growth” in the gaming industry.

We will keep you posted as more info develops.

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