Stadia lands God of War talent to head new studio

STORY: In a big surprise Google opens new studio. Stadia lands God of War studio head to run it.

Google via it’s gaming platform Stadia landed a big win yesterday. Not only did they announce a new studio, but they also announced a well known talent to run it. Shannon Studstill formerly of Sony Santa Monica Studios, will be running the new studio. As detailed by Google in a blog, the studio will reside in Playa Vista (Los Angeles, CA)

The blog in part reads:

The new Playa Vista studio will focus on delivering exclusive games, using new gameplay mechanics, creative ways to play together and unique interaction models that we’re just starting to explore.

It also reads:

I’ve been a fan of Shannon’s for a long time, and have admired her award-winning work leading Sony’s Santa Monica Studio and the industry defining franchises like God of War that have won fans all over the world. She has an extensive background in product development and creative leadership, but most importantly, she’s a visionary who, as the Studio Director, will lead and inspire the Playa Vista teams. We’re thrilled to welcome her to the Stadia family!

This is big news for the platform. This news contradicts negative perceptions towards Google’s long-term commitment to Stadia. However, these studios will not produce games for some time. It will be interesting to see what second party deals Stadia has in store, in the interim.

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