Stadia Corner: Stadia makes huge leap towards 4G playability

STORY: New implementation to help the platform reach new ways to play. As new reports shows how Stadia makes huge leap towards 4G playability

As mentioned on The Stadia Initiative podcast (After Show), has done another APK breakdown of Stadia. Per these findings, it appears functions like Pro game notifications, family sharing and 4G mobile play are just around the corner. These discoveries were made after researching Stadia’s latest patch, 2.23. As it pertains to the latter here’s what the publication had to say:

With Stadia 2.23, rolling out today via the Google Play Store, we find that Google is preparing to launch early “in development” support for playing games over mobile data in a very similar way to how Stadia now allows all Android devices to attempt to play.

Title for user opt-in setting that will allow gameplay over mobile data connections, like 4G, LTE, etc.

Use mobile data

Description of the mobile data gameplay opt-in setting.

Stream games using mobile data when disconnected from Wi-Fi

Disclaimer for the mobile data gameplay opt-in setting which explains that the feature may use more cellular data

Enabling this feature may significantly increase your mobile data usage

Description of cellular streaming feature, explaining that the feature is still being built, and streaming quality may be inconsistent as a result

This feature is in development and may affect your connection quality

For Stadia, this is deemed as a big step. As the youngest beta/retail cloud gaming platform, it’s important for it to equal or exceed their competition’s reach. Until this goes live, this is a glowing disadvantage in the eyes of the mainstream gaming market. Gamers interested in cloud gaming are looking for platforms that give them the most options on how/where to play.

That said, if previous comparisons are an indicator, many should expect the Stadia play over 4G to outperform its competitors such as Xcloud. Once live, expect this implementation to be part of Stadia’s “Experiment’s” section (think Xbox Insider program). Stay tuned to this website and The Stadia Initiative Podcast as more develops.

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