Stadia Corner: Is Cyberpunk 2077 Coming to Stadia Day & Date Afterall?


OPINION: Media, content creators, and gamers may have it all wrong. Cyberpunk2077 media posts may have been the culprit. We break down our thesis as we re-examine all conjoining information. We then ask; Is Cyberpunk 2077 coming to Stadia day & date afterall?

The “Epiphany”

First and foremost I want to point out, this is not based on any new or leaked sources. Instead, it’s a more defined review of the information we’ve had at our disposal, just plausibly viewed incorrectly. It looks we may have negated some important context clues. By doing so we’ve lead ourselves to believe, that CP2077 would never be day and date on Stadia.

During a live Stream on the Broadband Bullies curated HNDC (Hard Nok Digital Culture) platform, I engaged in a discussion with a viewer. During this discussion the viewer jestly asks why Stadia wasn’t getting a next gen version of NBA 2K21. The viewer based this question off a graphic 2K released showing the different versions of the forthcoming game, and its prices. Stadia was listed but only under the current gen (8th generation of gaming) section.

I said to the viewer that it wasn’t etched in stone. A next gen version for Stadia could be likely. It’s just 2K can’t say anything because Stadia hasn’t announced anything marketable yet, on it’s next generation upgrade. Those familiar with the Stadia info train, know that Google is very close to the vest (too much in my opinion) regarding upcoming content and/or upgrades. Therefore it’s highly likely an enhanced version of NBA 2K21 for Stadia is coming, but will be advertised later.

Then the discussion morphed to Cyberpunk 2077. Then the epiphany happened. What if Cyberpunk 2077’s peculiar messaging about Stadia is based on this same “rule of engagement”? If that’s the case, then we’ve been wrong all along!



What were we wrong about? For those that don’t know, the messaging around CP2077’s release on Stadia has been mind numbing. Gamers missed an original press release from CD Projekt Red about the Stadia version. In retrospect, that release would have likely been interpreted as a non day and date situation as well. Then the game got pushed back to September the soonest for everyone. This while the aforementioned press release flew completely under the radar.

Once pushed back to September, the Stadia logo was noticed under the new release date. This was spotted on the CyberPunk 2077 website. This lead the community to rejoice and believe that the game was coming day and date to the platform. However, another press release was discovered. The same non day and date perceived verbiage was used surrounding the Stadia version. Then the original press release was discovered and brought into the discussion as well. That lead to the public for the first time recognizing the possibility it wasn’t coming day and date to Stadia. A media blitz occurred for all to make fun of the platform. A temporary riff in the Stadia community ensued. Then, the title to get pushed back…. again! Yet this time, even though very similar non day and date perceived verbiage was used … this time it felt very odd.

Now you may be asking what is this verbiage? Well it’s one that notes either the game for Stadia is coming: ” …by the end of the year” or ” …launch the same year” after the release dates for Xbox Playstation and PC are given. With that… now we enter the crux of the argument. Have we been reading this all wrong… all along?

The Statements

If you look at each of the statements mentioned earlier,  the verbiage of ” …by the end of the year” or ” …launch the same year” is used.

When the game was set to release in April 2020

When the game was set to release September 2020

When the game was set to release November 2020

It’s fathomable that during the earlier release dates, that verbiage could be taken as “releasing after” XYZ platforms. However, the November release comments are peculiar. After being pushed back to November 19th, it’s STILL releasing the same year on Stadia? There are only 42 days left in the year after this date. What can an additional 42 days provide, for a subsequent launch at that? Wouldn’t more time be needed to handle releasing on a different platform?

Many suggest a marketing deal could be the culprit. Well, Xbox has the marketing rights. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has spoken out extensively against timed exclusivity. It’s his die hard passion on topics like exclusivity that makes him so polarizing in the hardcore gaming community. Now, people question Phil’s integrity in certain subject matters. I do as well. Though personally, I think he’s being authentic here. I don’t think timed exclusivity, for 42 days at that, is something he thinks is worth the investment. Even against a rival like Google, I just can’t see it.

So then why? Why would CDPR hold just for 42 days off the platform? Doesn’t make much sense, right? Well, what if they are not holding? What if the Stadia version of the game is coming to a version of the platform not yet mentioned for marketing purposes?


The Synopsis

That version is referred to as Stadia Gen 2.0 . Now, this version has been referred to previous by members of the Stadia team. It’s also been noted that a developer praised the performance of their next gen efforts on this newer version, more so then they have on the Xbox Series X. We know the XSX is going to be a powerful beast of a gaming machine. So that says a lot about how much of a AAA developer’s delight Gen 2.0 could be.

So we know the potential power of this vaguely mentioned upgrade of Stadia. We also know that Stadia likes to keep future implementation close to the vest. We in addition know that 2K fully backs Stadia’s cloud platform, and would love nothing more to utilize this new hardware and charge consumers $70 on it as well. Therefore a Stadia Gen 2.0 of the game is most likely coming, though not yet advertised.

So knowing all this, we need to ask ourselves a more poignant question. Is Cyberpunk 2077 set to be the first game released on Stadia Gen 2.0? Is that why the very vague ” …by the end of the year” or ” …launch the same year” has constantly been used? I mean, by the end of the year/launch the same year isn’t mutually exclusive to “after” XYZ platforms. Think about it. Have we simply let our inability to navigate business babble take us down a smoke field path? I believe likely so. I also think Google wanted it this way, to more importantly keep their competition guessing as well.

Nonetheless, if the advertised released schedule stands firm, my mind is made up. If my most anticipated game of 2020 is only launching 42 days after on my heavily preferred platform I’ll wait. But if not… if this is day and date… not only will this be a lesson to all of us on how we ought to navigate the craftier wordplay we’re exposed to. Yet, it will also be a fantastic moment for all Stadia gamers, and gamers in general. They will have more incentive to play and enjoy such a big title with all of the performance convenience and access affordability Stadia has to offer. A win win.

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