Stadia Corner: How fast and easy is Stadia to jump into right NOW?


Story: Many people still don’t even know what Stadia is. For those who do, many have been mis-guided about the platform’s true capabilities. We separate fact from fiction and show you — how fast and easy Stadia is to jump right into.


We decided to put together a quick and easy “jump right in guide” for those interested in Stadia. This way, you no longer have to be lead astray by those who likely never touched the platform. Let’s get to it!



Question 1 – What do I need to sign up for Stadia?

Answer: Simply a gmail account and sign up here, a compatible controller, and a device to play on (android phone/tablet, pc/laptop, chromecast and stadia controller for tv).



Question 2 – How quick and easy is the sign up?

Answer: Very quick and easy. See our video that records a real live sign-up, how quick it is and effortless. It literally took us about 3 1/2 minutes to signup and boot up a game. Pro games are available as soon as you sign up for you 1 month free trial. In cases they take seconds to start and get in game.




Question 3 – How smooth can gaming on Stadia actually be

Answer: Very smooth. Checkout our 4K/60 fps video of Division 2 for an example. I started off with questionable internet at 50 up/down. Even with that, gaming from a browser on Destiny 2 was ultra smooth and responsive. A mere 3 days later the momentary lag noticed here and there was gone! That’s due to the data collection, AI and machine learning used by the platform. Tweaks are always happening seamlessly All on a web browser at that.

For the smoothest gameplay possible it is recommended:

  • Have at least 200 mbps up/down to allow for least amount of traffic interference as possible
  • Work off a wired connection. Use of CAT/7 or CAT/8 chords are heavily recommended. You get can get on Amazon cheap
  • For best fidelity use a Chromecast Ultra/Stadia controller bundle. You can purchase here.




Question 4 – Where should I go if I have issues?

Answer: There are all sorts of great guides regarding setup. Our favorite is via Checkout our video on this tool.




Question 5 – What is there currently to play on Stadia?

Answer: Actually now, there’s a good amount of quality games to play. Stadia often get’s tagged for having “no games” but the platform has been very picky about the games that it releases. An overwhelming amount of the games on the platform are either award winning, critically acclaimed or at least known to have a lot of playtime in the community.

Here’s a list of titles either already released or slated for release by end of year 2020 . Here is another list that provides a more detailed look of what the games offer (resolution, FPS etc.)


Question 6 – Who’s playing on Stadia?

Though very small in comparison to the entire gaming landscape, Stadia has a good number of regular gamers and content creators.

Let’s first start with players. If trying to find friends in general or LFG’s to squad up in games, here are some resources:

In regards to content creators, the list is ever growing. Here is a great list of content creators. This list includes podcasters streamers and general influencers.


Question 7 – Where can I get additional information from a reliable source?

This is where you have to be very careful. In our last article we exhibit how most of the mainstream media talking about Stadia don’t understand the cloud gaming community. Therefore, they are poor sources to go to to stay up on the latest revelations of the tech, and upcoming initiatives. However there are great resources in the form of publications:

  • Definitely us! Check out Stadia Corner articles weekly on a snapshot of the latest in the community trends.
  • – The #1 source of Stadia related news! Everything late and breaking about Stadia will be found here. They also have the best intuitive Stadia site, which allows you to connect your Stadia account. Doing so adds you to even more resources to help cater to your gaming needs!
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Games – They report on all things cloud gaming. Excellent resource for the latest and greatest in general cloud gaming news and updates.
  • 9 to 5 Google – A great resource for all things Google. They often report on the latest tech breakdowns of what to come to the platform first!
  • Android Police – They focus on all things android related. They do a great job in providing comprehensive reviews and Stadia related resources


So that’s it gamers. Let us know what you think of this guide below. Happy gaming!

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