Stadia Corner: GTA V rumored to be coming to Stadia

Big game is speculated to be coming to the platform. Rockstar’s hugely successful GTA V is rumoured to be arriving on Stadia.


According to French publication Rockstar Mag , Rockstar’s mega hit Grand Theft Auto V is rumored to be landing on Stadia. This comes via the publication’s twitter account:


The tweet translated to English reads as the following:

According to our information, in addition to the versions #PS5 and #XboxSeriesX , Rockstar is reportedly in the process of preparing a #Stadia of #GTAV#GTA5 whose announcement and release would be scheduled for the next few weeks / months (before or at the same time as on PS5 / XSX). 

In February of 2020, GTA V was reported to have sold 120 MM copies worldwide since it’s original release. It routinely makes the top 20 sold charts in US in UK month to month. 7 years after launch, GTA V still sold a whopping 400K in the UK alone during the COVID lockdown.
This would be a huge addition to the current line-up to say the least. Though adding many quality titles at a faster pace than at launch, the platform still has more to do in order to appeal to casuals. This group of gamers make up an integral part of Stadia’s apparent target demographic. Casual gamers are not known to play a large number of games. Nonetheless, games like GTA V, Madden, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Rogue Company are huge attractors of that crowd. These games are currently missing from Stadia’s library (Madden confirmed to be coming to the platform eventually). GTA V would be a much needed addition to help increase Stadia’s saturation.

If this rumor is true, then another question remains. Will this be released on the platform as a standalone purchase? Rather, would it launch on Stadia as a Pro game? Stadia Pro games is Stadia’s version of PS+ Free games or Xbox Games with Gold. These games are provided to subscribers of their paid for online services, at no extra cost. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Stay tuned as we continue to watch this space.


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