Stadia Corner: Big Youtuber’s upcoming Stadia showcase creating buzz

STORY: Multi-million sub holder, Karim Jovian made news in the gaming community. He announced he will demo a highly yearned for, forthcoming feature for the Stadia platform. See why the big Youtuber’s upcoming showcase is creating buzz.



Youtube personality Karim Jovian on the surface doesn’t look like the ideal person to showcase gaming content. However, taking a look at his reception on social media as well as Youtube, you can see the allure. Karim has several channels, totaling millions of subscribers. Therefore, a lot of buzz was made when Karim announced he would be doing a demo of a forthcoming Stadia feature on his platform. Karim created even more buzz when he invited the general public to join him live, and help show how the feature works!



Karim has a newer gaming channel that he is looking to create more attention to. What better way to get that attention, than to finally show a feature that gamers have been looking forward to going live, right? In addition, Google is looking for more well known talent to help showcase it’s new gaming platform. Up until now, attempts to do so with more gaming specific entities have fell flat. That’s due in large part to the negative herd mentality currently surrounding the platform, within gaming inner circles. Karim apparently falls outside of that. That may be key this time around towards Stadia getting improved mindshare.




Via Twitter Mr. Joviann announced he will be featuring this highly regarded Stadia feature. That feature is Crowd Play. Crowd Play allows gamers watching their favorite content creator on Youtube, to be able to join them in multiplayer play. It was one of the most alluring features of the platform when announced. It’s officially making it’s debut via beta on Monday August 3rd 2020 with the help of Karim and other Youtube entities.

In addition, Karim confirmed the game he’s going to use to demo this feature is Mortal Kombat 11:

He’s also noted that in order to catch this demonstration, it’s best to subscribe to his gaming Youtube channel to be notified once he goes live:

Overall it will be interesting to see how this works regarding mindshare. Approaching a more casual gaming figure might be the best path to jump start Stadia saturation in more homes. This also could be the big boost to Karim’s channel. The Stadia community at mass is supportive of the various content creators. Having someone of Mr. Jovian’s caliber, if he routinely streams Stadia content, may provide significant growth to his gaming channel.  We will continue to watch this space.


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