Stadia Corner: Big News, Controversy and More Games!


STORY: Stadia has had a busy week of game news and much more. Here is a look at the action – packed week, that included Stadia’s big news, controversy and more games
New Games

More games reported coming to and/or launch dates revealed for Stadia. They include Wave Break, System Shock, Crayta, a game creation platform, demo revealed the use of another Stadia feature State Share.

Baldur’s Gate 3

The heavily anticipated cult classic Baldur’s Gate 3 had yet another gameplay reveal. The game reveal was more than impressive. See StadiaDosage LIVE reaction coverage for more.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Official launch date has been pushed back. This is leading many to speculate this was to ensure it releases day and date on Stadia. This is due to the new release date being the 1 Year Anniversary of the Stadia launch. We say take that speculation with a grain of salt. Thus, we will watch this space.

Big Rumour

In the same vein of Cyberpunk news, once again a Stadia partner makes a mess of announcing games for the platform. Reporting on a big game publisher showcase, an outlet made mention that a major title was coming to the platform. The info was later denied. Who knows. However, we will keep an eye out on this space.

IGN Developer interview on Stadia

In what is being touted as a fantastic sit down regarding the state of the Stadia platform, IGN releases a very powerful video. ** In it Ryan McCaffrey, Jack Buser of Stadia and others talk candidly about the platform. Very insightful , especially as Jack illustrates what we’ve always mentioned, the data collection phase, as not the end state of Stadia. A must watch for an engaging and accurate look at the platform!

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