Stadia Connect’s initial reaction is positive


Following the release to the public, Stadia hold a “Nintendo Direct” style conference. Immediate thoughts from the community are in. It appears that Stadia Connect’s initial reaction is positive.


Just hours before the Stadia showcase called the Connect;  PUBG, Octopath Traveler and a new WWE title were leaked via ESRB. This had those within the Stadia community even more excited for what would be in store. Would they be disappointed? Well, Stadia Connect’s initial reaction is positive.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Jedi Fallen Order coming to the platform in fall 2020

Octopath Traveler available NOW

Zombie Army 4 available May 1st FREE via the Pro tier


The biggest announcement consensus wise, was PUBG coming to the platform free via the Pro tier. This game is considered the “grandfather” of Battle Royale genre. It still pulls in 45K+ viewers on popular stream platform Twitch

Overall during a reaction livestream I participated in, it appears the reception to the show was positive.  Many within the community were excited to see games with more standing within the community coming to the platform. EA’s official support being displayed in a game was comforting. Their support reassures beliefs that big titles like Apex Legends and Battlefield are coming as well. All in all, this appears to have been a good way the platform went about to formally introduce themselves to their new players

It will be interesting to see how the gaming community responds. People will also be questioning if this attracts more mainstream gamers to the platform. The latter is what Stadia seriously needs to gain viability in a more seemingly crowded gaming market.

We will keep you posted as reaction builds within the community to this conference.

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