Stadia app hints free tier coming soon

Story: Version 2.7 of the Stadia app hints free tier. This gives  indication of the long-awaited  “base” version coming soon. It also hints towards how gamers can sign-up for access.

The Analysis

It seems that Stadia’s heavily desired free tier model known as Stadia Base is right around the corner. Per an article from 9to5 Google  a deep dive into the latest 2.7 APK  shows that the Stadia app hints free tier is around the corner. It also provides some interesting details.

Stadia Base & Pro Trials

Per the article, the deep dive exhibits the following regarding Stadia base and a Pro free trial:

As it stands today, the Google Stadia app won’t allow you to register an account if you don’t have a code from a Stadia Founder’s or Premiere Edition or a Buddy Pass. But those days are numbered, as the free tier Stadia Base is launching sometime this year.

“The Stadia app is preparing for that future with a new signup flow that lets new you register for an account without a code.

Text on the button that allows the user to skip code redemption and continue on with the account creation flow.

Continue without a code”


Base sign-up limitations

It also shows this regarding, player base limitations:

However, with Stadia free to play for a month, this is likely to cause a major spike in players. To make sure that this spike doesn’t affect their paying customers, Google may be putting a limit on the number of free accounts that can be registered.

From the strings, it seems that this limit will be determined based on your “area.” We’re not sure whether this means your local area such as your nearest Google Cloud datacenter, or something more broad such the country you live in.


“Title of page explaining that user cannot sign in because Stadia has hit full capacity.

Sorry, Stadia is full in your area

Body of page explaining that user cannot sign in because Stadia has hit full capacity.

In order to provide the best game quality for everyone, we limit the number of accounts on Stadia. We’ve hit that limit, but we’re working hard to build additional room in the Stadia cloud so more people can enjoy the same high-quality game performance. Please check back in the future for new player availability.”


Thankfully, it seems that even once the capacity has been reached, you’ll still be able to register if you have a Stadia code.




Stadia Pro is currently the only available tier via the platform. It requires a purchase of the $130 Premier Edition or a free buddy pass to access. The highly inquired Stadia Base will definitely be welcomed for many interested in trying the service. This free service is in even higher demand after the showing of Baldur’s Gate 3. The game reportedly will be available only to Stadia and PC in 2020.