Sony Will Release PS5+ Around Same Time As PS5?

A leaker claims Sony has TWO PlayStation 5 consoles in development for release, including a more powerful console.

A new report from NeoGAF user VFXVeteran (a vetted industry source who claims that fans should be expecting MORE than just PS5 news soon) claims that Sony Interactive Entertainment will release a PS5+ around the SAME time as the PS5.
Sony’s PS5+ will allegedly cost $599 and although the PS5 will be sitting at 9 Teraflops of power… the PS5+ will surpass the 12 Teraflops of power of the Xbox Series X.

Sony is supposedly preparing to announce more information regarding the PlayStation 5 in a relatively short time.

[Sources – jackofallcontrollers and gamerant]

One Comment on “Sony Will Release PS5+ Around Same Time As PS5?”

  1. Both Microsoft and Sony should focus on making quality games not only trying to top one another with power …… Don’t get me wrong power has it’s place but a well-made game will last the test of time.

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