Respawn influencing new culture at EA in major way



We knew when Respawn were not held to the same restraints of using only the Frostbite engine, like other EA studios, they had favor. We just didn’t know how much. The company is being looked at as saviors of the company in eyes of many. After hits like Apex Legends and Jedi Fallen order, to offset disappointments such as Anthem, it appears that top brass has concluded the same.

As also mentioned by WCCFTech and sourced by Los Angeles Times, Respawn’s development culture is being adopted across the company. Trademarked and dubbed as ‘Quick Prototyping’ the development process is said to be key to the success to the company amidst other woes with EA products during the 8th generation of gaming.

Vince Zampella – Founder of Respawn is also being tapped to transform DICE LA into a full fledged game studio, oppose to a support team.

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Source: WCCFTech | Los Angeles Times