Phil Spencer Says They’re “Going to Be Bold” for Xbox Series X

Xbox head Phil Spencer on Gamertag Radio discussed thoughts Series X reveal. Hopes for stronger Japanese market presence.

Talking about Microsoft’s surprise reveal of the Xbox Series X at last year’s Game Awards…
“The response has been great, but to be completely honest with you…it could have been a disaster.”
When proposed to him, he was NOT a fan of the idea at first…
“The decision was actually really pushed forward by one of our marketing leads, and she’s awesome, and she just stood up in a room and she said, ‘we should go do something bold, something we’ve never done before… let’s face it, we’re not in the market position we wanted to be in in this last generation- I don’t think we’re going to get to disrupt and grow our business just doing what we’ve always done.”
Microsoft are apparently keeping that in mind as they move forward with the launch of the Xbox Series X.
“We’re trying to think about things in a different way. We’re definitely not going to be meek. We’re going to be bold in what we’re trying to go do.”

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