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  Over the last couple of weeks there has been talk of a Mid Gen refresh PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series X; its only been 2 years since the massive launch of both Next Generation Consoles! Why are we talking about an upgrade already? Are the current consoles obsolete already? These are questions that may be going through your head.

Well for me the Gaming Hero i don’t mind a console upgrade but it has to be worthwhile! Adding more frames and resolution will not cut it for another $500-$600 dollars. Yes that is what you will spend after taxes. If a pro console really is in the works i want these additions, i demand them! More USB ports, a sleeker piece of hardware with premium material, advanced disc reader. Don’t you want the option of playing a classic dvd or CD on your pro console ? While on the classic topic if its a pro PS5 shouldn’t it play ps1-ps2 games natively? That’s a topic for another day.

All in all, what i am saying is don’t just make a pro console all about more resolution and more frame rates that doesn’t make a game good. its good to have bonus things too. The name Pro in a piece of hardware¬† should mean more than basic tech inclusions and basic to me is plain 8k 120fps or 4k 60fps; i want and need extra features for my extra money. What do you think? Lets discuss.

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