Mahomes Madden Curse?

In Kansas City, Missouri? HELL NO

Patrick Mahomes helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years.  The “Madden curse” is a HORSESHIT concept in regards to those that have appeared on the cover, late suffering injuries during the year they were featured. Mahomes was the eighth quarterback to appear on the cover of Madden when “Madden NFL 20” was released this past summer 2019. Mahomes dislocated his right kneecap earlier in the season season, leading to a supposed “Madden curse” striking yet again.

Chiefs were down 20-10 in the fourth quarter, but Mahomes POWERED UP and suddenly the score was 20-17… then took a 24-20 lead, finalizing it all in a 31-20 final score!

Personally, I never believed in any of that curse stuff and never believed for a second that the CHEFS (and Mahomes) would NOT bring it HOMES.

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