Leaked GPU Specs – Xbox Series X SUBSTANTIALLY More Powerful Than PS5?

Leaked GPU specs suggest the Xbox Series X may be substantially more powerful than Playstation 5

Eurogamer has gotten their hands on a leak they feel is legit. There have been some rumored APU configurations that leaked this year, but this new data implies the PS5 will feature 36 GPU clusters clocked at up to 2GHz. Supposedly the silicon, codenamed Oberon, and is designed to operate in three different modes (Gen 0, 1, and 2) with clocks of 800MHz, 911MHz, and 2GHz respectively. The supposed memory bandwidth is 448GB/s in Gen 2 mode (though 512GB/s is possible) and the GPU can also be  configured in terms of ROP and core counts. Eurogamer states that:

While a 2.0GHz GPU clock is used for what is described as the fully unlocked ‘native’ or ‘Gen2’ mode, the processor is also tested in what is referred to as Gen1 and Gen0 modes. The former is explicitly stated as running with 36 compute units, a 911MHz core clock, 218GB/s of memory bandwidth and 64 ROPs – the exact specifications of PlayStation 4 Pro. The latter Gen0 mode cuts the CU and ROP counts in half and runs at 800MHz, a match for the base PS4. The indications are that back-compat is an integral part of the silicon, which in turn raises some interesting questions about the makeup of the Navi GPU and the extent to which older GCN compatibility may be baked into the design.

As for the Xbox Series X, Eurogamer is implying this console packs serious firepower. Here’s the rumored configuration:

If this rumor proves true, the Xbox Series X will launch with the equivalent of a high-end PC GPU.

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