Is EA Sports Bringing Back The Fight Night Series?

When it comes to the Fight Night Series, We can all agree it is the best boxing game ever to come out. Now with rumours coming out again Fight Night fans dreams may come true. 

Lets start with the first time we heard any news about a new Fight Night game, In a interview with Brian Hayes creater director for Fight Night champion was pushing EA Sports to make a new Fight Night game (interview below)

Now pushing ahead of time we had Eddie Hearn boxing promoter pushing for a Fight Night and gave EA Sports a call. EA responded by saying we will look into your request. (Conversion below)


As of today former Heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis Tweeted out that he has heard EA Sport is considering bringing back Fight Night. Now many of us have been waiting 9 years for a new Fight Night and the closer thing we got was Fight night champion back compact on the Xbox One.

Hopefully we will get to see a new Fight Night game for the new Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles coming later this year.