Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X?

The next generation is right around the corner and both Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X are gearing up for it’s holiday launch later this year. However, while fans are drooling for news on upcoming games and capabilities, a particular game on Microsoft’s court has drawn a lot of attention, Halo Infinite. 

Many fans are eager to see a proper gameplay demonstration and would like to see how it plays and looks graphically. While there is an E3 2019 demo that shows off the game, people wanted more.  With that said, I’ve been thinking about the recent Xbox Series X announcement at the Game Awards 2019 and looking at Ninja Theory’s Sensua’s Sacrifice Hellblade 2 trailer. This trailer is the most graphical impressive thing I’ve seen, so by looking at that I start to think back to an odd presentation at Xbox’s 2018 E3. That presentation being the 343i slipspace engine trailer

What if Microsoft was being sneaky back in 2018 in revealing a Xbox Series X showcase, Halo Infinite. What if this engine demonstration is what 343i is aiming for in Xbox Series X version of Halo Infinite.




Because the demonstration doesn’t look quite as good as Hell Blade 2, but it certainly shares some characteristics in lighting, high end textures, and especially scope. Is this what 343i is striving to deliver for Halo Infinite? 


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