Hacker Steals and Leaks Xbox Series X graphics source code

Also took code for AMD’s upcoming GPUs.

The chip designer has revealed that a hacker stole test files for a “subset” of current and upcoming graphics hardware, some of which had been posted online. (Before taken down) The claimes hacker told TorrentFreak that it included source code for Navi 10 (Radeon RX 5700 series), the future Navi 21 and the Arden GPU inside the Xbox Series X.
The self-proclaimed hacker says she wanted $100 million for the source code and threatened to “leak everything”. She reportedly found the GPU data in a “hacked computer” in November, although AMD said it hadn’t been approached until December.
This really shouldn’t affect the launches of the Xbox Series X or other products.

Source – engadget.com

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