Geforce Now users upset after losing access to various games through service

STORY: According to various accounts given on social medial, due to technical issues, Geforce Now users lose access to games .  Many instances appear to be with users who cannot play titles except for through the service. 

Cloud Gaming at a View

As it stands at the time of this writing, cloud gaming is a niche yet growing sector within the gaming community.  As reported by NASDAQ it has a very impressive CAGR  (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 47.9% .  It is also projected to reach $7.24B by 2027. In the grand scheme of things however, the global gaming market is expected to reach $256.97B by 2025. This gap highlights why, even though significant growth, cloud gaming is likely to remain niche in the immediate future.

Lost Access

That might explain why a reported trend for certain consumers is not getting any oxygen.  Users of the cloud community’s popular service Geforce Now (GFN) have reported losing access to various games. In some cases the loss of access altogether has occurred for months.

The most popular game with this issue at the moment appears to be Death Stranding. On a reddit post about the issue, problems with other games have been reported.  These games include Watch Dogs, Control and Apex Legends.  GFN does have a status page for issues such as these. It includes an update on Apex Legends (Steam Version) as available to play. It also confirms Death Stranding is in maintenance.

The Big Picture

The biggest concern in this is two fold. First is the reliability of GFN as a sole cloud gaming solution. As reported back in March 2020, GFN service was quite controversial amongst publishers and developers  We can confirm via the cloud gaming platform Cloud Gamer Chronicles, that Apex Legends (Steam version) was not accessible for an extended period of time. That was due to their angst that GFN was creating a model where they were making money off their products without formal permission. This created not just financial, but licensing disputes for said IP holders and developers.

GFN rectified this by creating an opt in clause with publishers and developers.  As stated by GFN president Phil Eisler in a blog post, that move was to restore ” … confidence in the GeForce Now game library”. If unlike other platforms, games go unavailable for weeks or even months, that once restored confidence could be at serious risk.

The second issue is the lack of coverage.  Again, such events are unprecedented with gaming services and/or platforms. Cloud gamers are making purchases and not being able to access titles all together. In contrast, bugs or issues at a smaller scale to gamers on other platforms, received extensively more coverage . That said, the cloud gaming community is very robust and diligent in its reporting.  Therefore, some gamers are now questioning their lack of escalation on this issue.

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