Forza Motorsport dev to talk RAY TRACING at GDC 2020

Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios to talk ray tracing techniques and implementations during GDC 2020.

During a recent live stream, Creative Director Chris Esaki talked up the  next Forza installment and had THIS to say…


It’s been this hard road to get to where we are today, and the studio got a first chance at actually playing this new experience all day long and had a great time with it…”, the creative director said. “I’m just going to rattle off a bunch of features, because in reality they don’t really matter in the larger scheme of things. The overall product and where we’re going with it is so vastly different and an amazing experience that these things are just so low-level… but the people out there, I think will be interested in hearing some of those things… These are just a ton of things under the hood here… and I’m missing about 15 other things that are all just under the hood… We actually got to play the new game.”

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