Dev gives praises to Stadia 2.0 over Xbox Series X

BREAKING: Developer claims their next generation game runs better on Stadia hardware than XSX.

Many people questioned Stadia’s durability heading into the next generation of gaming hardware. The thought is Stadia will not be able to compete with the Xbox Series X and PS5’s horsepower. That’s due to the current version of Stadia, which is 10.7 TFLOPS. Though on paper being more powerful, it has had difficulty outshining the Xbox One X (6 TFLOPS) overall in fidelity. However, those thoughts may be off base. Recently, a dev gives praise to Stadia 2.0 over Xbox Series X.

Stadia 2.0 is the next iteration of the cloud gaming infrastructure/server blades. It has been hinted to be capable of 8K and 120 FPS.  Per episode 54 of the StadiaCast podcast, a developer shared their experience with both Stadia 2.0 hardware and the Xbox Series X. In doing so, the developer is speaking of games they are making for next gen platforms. Under anonymity, the developer states:

“[Stadia] Gen 2 runs our games better than the Xbox series X”

Somebody in the podcast’s chat immediately had a question. That question was regarding the price to gamers for the upgrade to Stadia 2.0. In response to this question, Co – Host Lloyd responds:

“No its just hardware…. Google updating the hardware in the cloud. We don’t have to pay for [the 1.0 to 2.0 upgrade] … that’s the beauty of Stadia. You don’t have to buy a console, you don’t have to pay for a performance boost…”

These are very hefty words that should not be taken lightly. StadiaCast hosts Bill and LLoyd not only have access to developer first hand accounts. They have also sat and talked to Stadia execs such as Jon Justice. He’s made guest appearances on the show in September 2019 and right before launch in November 2019.

There’s a takeaway that StadiaCast focused on as it relates to this info. To them, another TFLOPS comparison should not be the focus here. That includes from Google. They also find it important to note, this particular testimony may not be across the board. However, this info should have gamers rest assured. If they want a next gen experience in fidelity and performance, they don’t have to buy the most expensive hardware to have such. Stadia will offer so, at a more attractive, consumer friendly price. In light of this info, it may be hard to disagree with this sentiment.

Stay tuned as Stadia 2.0 release info becomes available.

Sources: StadiaCast 



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