Dev Explains Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2’s 60GB Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update 1.14 went live yesterday, and it’s got a HORSESHIT 60GB file size. Infinity Ward Production Director Paul Haile Explains WHY.

modern warfare 114 file size

You might think you’re RE-Downloading the ENTIRE game again. Shiiiiiieeet. According to Infinity Ward Production Director Paul Haile on Twitter, you actually ARE…

“In addition to this update keeping the disk footprint from increasing, we’re also taking this opportunity to set up the data up for better overall management to try and keep future updates from being this large, even during a season rollout. Additionally, in a future update we’re going to also be adding a DLC pack management screen for console users, to allow you to pick and choose which DLC packs you want keep, and remove the others to recover more space as well. I’m very conscious of the overall size of MW and we’re doing what we can to minimize this for everyone. Thanks!”

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The patch is 51 GB on PS4, 67 GB on Xbox One and 68 GB on PC.

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