Cyberpunk 2077 Launches on Stadia Day and Date as Good Stuff Event kicks off

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STORY: CD Projekt Red and Google announce Cyberpunk 2077 launches on Stadia day and date with consoles and PC. Stadia also kicks off new marketing campaign titled ‘Good Stuff’ with demos and more.




October 15th, CD Projekt Red kicked off it’s fourth episode of Night City Wire. The show spotlights new updates for the forthcoming and highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. During this episode, it was revealed that the Sci-fi action RPG would be releasing day and date on Stadia. That release date is November 19th 2020 worldwide.



CyberPunk 2077 Revelations

Why is this important? Well, having the biggest multiplat games are vital to the platform’s growth. It also dispel concerns with a portion of Stadia’s current base. They previously were quite upset at  reported info that suggested the game was not releasing until a later time on Stadia.

We highlighted this in a past article. In that opinion piece, it was (and is still conceived) that CP2077 will be released day and date, and on Stadia Gen 2 hardware. “Gen 2 hardware” has been vaguely referenced by Stadia and anonymous devs. Many believe it will allow the platform to transmit as high as 8K quality pictures along with 60 FPS game play.

Good Stuff Campaign

Stadia also announced a new three day campaign they are running in October 2020. The campaign is titled the ‘Good Stuff’ event. As they described in a community post, the event will be comprised of “exciting game announcements and some Stadia-only hands-on surprises…” This campaign starts October 20th 9 AM PT and concludes October 22nd.



What ‘Good Stuff’ MAY be in store

The prospects of both CP2077 and the Good Stuff event, the possibilities are very exciting. We have some very speculative predictions regarding this.  Our speculation is based off community feedback. It is also based off things Google is saying has yet to come 2020. Therefore, here are our ‘tin-foil’ hat predictions for the event.

  • Uplay+ – An announcement of the Ubisoft subscription service for Stadia. Also, this announcement is to include price, release date and number of  games at launch
  • Publisher EA – An announcement of EA games coming to Stadia 2020, along with release dates
  • Stadia Gen 2.0 – An announcement of the official consumer rollout date. Also, we predict a list of initial titles which will include Cyberpunk 2077

Many are excited at both prospects within the community. The fact that Cyberpunk 2077 launches on Stadia day and date, already increases enthusiasm. However, the potential prospects of the Good Stuff event furthers it even more.  We are also equally excited and will be interested to see how right/wrong our predictions are. However, many more will be gauging how much mindshare the event creates for the platform.

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