Coronavirus Threatens Next Gen Consoles


The scare surrounding COVID-19 is having an impact on tech development. As told by , concerns of the virus spreading may shut down major supply chains. As a result, COVID-19 aka coronavirus threatens next gen consoles. These gaming consoles include the Xbox Series X and PS5. Both units are expected to launch holiday 2020.

The article in part reads:

Most people in the games industry are aware, on some level, that just about every piece of hardware this business relies upon has a supply chain that passes through China at some point.

The article continues to note the following:

China’s importance as a market in its own right should not be underestimated, of course, but its role in the supply of gaming hardware to every other market is even more crucial. If China’s factories fall silent, even for a few months, the knock-on effect will be felt in the business of every single company that supplies game hardware, sells game hardware, or relies on a growing installed base of game hardware for its business.

This contradicts claims on social media and elsewhere. Such claims state that concern over the virus is overblown. Others say international travel of those from highly affected regions is a danger. In lieu of the latter, Sony and Facebook, have pulled attendance from various tech related showcases.

Nonetheless, potential rapid spreading of this virus is of major concern. This along with its current affects in areas hardest hit, sets forth a lot of challenges in 2020 regarding technical goods. We will keep you informed as this story develops.