Batman ‘Soft Reboot’ CONFIRMED by WB Montreal?

We may have a bit more evidence the new Batman WILL be a reboot.

Apparently a senior producer working at Warner Bros. Montreal posted this to LinkedIn


It says SPECIFICALLY that they’re working on a “New IP”.
Nothing official, but as we previously reported, the conceptually soft rebooted game is said to start a brand new DC Game Universe that will be followed by a next-generation DC title from original Arkham Trilogy creators, Rocksteady Studios.

While publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has NOT announced anything yet, Warner Bros. Montreal’s own teasers on social media have indicated that the Court of Owls would be featured in the new Batman game. We know it will also feature a playable Batfamily and have an introduction of co-op.

“I’m Batman.”

[Source – wccftech]