Atriox and the Banished Return in Halo Infinite?

The Banished are all but confirmed for a triumphant return in Halo Infinite. The next mainline Halo game slated for this holiday season, though it may be pushed back due to complications with Covid-19. However, turning back to good news it seems 343 Industries is hinting at a return of the Banished faction from Halo Wars 2, a faction that opposed the covenant and waged war against them while seizing victory after victory. This faction is led by the Brute Chieftain, Atriox, who refused execution for his crimes and led a successful coup d’état. 


Recently merchading for Halo Infinite has been shown off via toy fairs in New York or otherwise leaks online. Some of these toys have direct connections to the Banished by wearing the red color scheme and having the Halo Infinite name stamped on them. As well, the prequel book to Halo Infinite, Shadows of Reach has Blue team return to their training world of Reach which is occupied by “a new powerful hostile Alien faction”. Which very much sounds like the Banished.

Atriox, the leader of the Banished and debatably the best antagonist in the Halo franchise; quite possibly the Thanos of the Halo universe, could add a central focus that 343i needs to engage players. Most players including hardscore Halo fans have no idea who led the current covenant known as the Storm faction, or frankly really cared. In fact, the leader, Jul mdama, was killed in the very first mission of Halo 5 and his faction ultimately failed to seize back Sanghelios from the Arbiter. Therefore, resulting in complete failure not only in narrative but also with the fanbase that simply did not connect with this new age covenant. 


Incomes Halo Wars 2 to introduce the Banished, the faction that could bring back the glory of the covenant and the interest of gamers worldwide! Essentially reintroducing the player to a more traditional covenant of the Bungie days of Halo with a slight twist of it’s tech being more Brute like. Fashioned from sharp metal and looking more menacing and frankly cool in my personal opinion. As well, this faction adheres to a more classic Halo art style that many players prefer to the more dialed up 343i art style that many did not care for. In fact, to some Halo 4 and 5 simply don’t look like Halo. Think of the classic 80’s Transformers to the Michael Bay era of Transformers. Hopefully Halo Infinite will be like the film Bumble Bee and soft reboot the franchise back to its roots.   


Also with the return of the Banish being a more traditional covenant with a twist, this could lead the way to the sentinels returning but lead by Cortona and include Prometheans. Thus adding another twist to favorite old enemy type. Also, Halo Wars 2 did reintroduce the Flood that is rumored to make it’s return in the mainline Halo games. My personal dream would be to have a throwback to Halo CE and have a cam video of a marine mission gone wrong and a flood outbreak would occur. But here’s hoping 343i delivers on Halo Infinite and I hope for its success both with it’s fans and critically. We here at the Broadband Bullies hope for the best because we love Halo! 


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