I first encountered this narrative back in 2018. A year that saw Playstation’s grip on the generation shift from merely strong to Iron clad. The release of Detroit Become Human, God Of War, and Spider-Man to both critical acclaim and (record breaking) commercial success solidified Playstation as the best place to play. But beyond the accolades and hype Playstation’s weaponization of momentum and mindshare had an adverse effect among the XBOX core. You could see it happening live and direct on social media. Gamers who had previously been steadfast in their belief in what “Phil Spencer said” began to openly question Phil’s direction. And when the response that they got from the XBOX leadership team was in effect, wait for yet another E3…

XBOX core gamers began to break ranks en masse. The realization that XBOX had nothing on the horizon that would cater to their gaming needs pushed many to purchase a Playstaion to play games that could. Seemingly overnight, the XBOX community contracted. Vocal support and more importantly, enthusiasm, diminished drastically. And it was then, those that were left within the XBOX core began insisting “Playstaion Exclusives are anti consumer.”

It was a narrative that received ridicule and instant push back, because at its core it’s narrative that is nonsensical. Especially when you take into account the history of this industry. Where exclusive IP is the unique selling point, used to entice gamers to your platform and eco system.

In essence, “Playstation Exclusives Are Anti Consumer” loosely translates to “We want Playstation to stop releasing exclusives until XBOX is in a position to compete.” With Microsoft’s recent admission that the Series X wont have any launch exclusives for 1-2 years it’s easy to see how that narrative, regardless of how transparent, respawns.

Should XBOX fans demand more?



One Comment on “Are PS5 Launch Exclusives Really Anti Consumer?”

  1. Of course not , they’re pro consumer if you look at it from the perspective that people want a product that satisfy their expectations.

    But I understand those who believe this could be anti consumer. But it’s been almost a decade since the current gen launched. It’s time to move on .

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